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schestowitz> Thank you.Mar 23 07:36
schestowitz>Mar 23 07:36
schestowitz> My detractors are raging again.Mar 23 07:36
schestowitzI responded to it in a 20-minute video 10 minutes ago.  It's a WebM file.Mar 23 07:36
schestowitz 23 07:36
-TechBytesBot/ | Microsoft-Connected (and Funded) Sites Still Distort What Happened and What Richard Stallman Actually Said | TechrightsMar 23 07:36
schestowitzWebM (direct):Mar 23 07:36
schestowitz 23 07:36
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schestowitzsome colleague tried to assign to me some DRM crap ^_^Mar 23 08:40
schestowitz"Mar 23 08:40
schestowitzTried to work on this. I spent a lot time re-reading the whole ticket, now I now have access to their systems (through a Ubuntu VM kindly set up by James; much appreciated!).Mar 23 08:40
schestowitzTo recapitulate, the College is using some form of DRM system or provider of a system with DRM in it. That system, in turn, imposes restrictions on access to "content" and uses access/ID management to deny people access to files. At the moment it is possible for multiple people to share sessions, so they want us to reconfigure the system and said there would be impact... some time at the end of December 2019. We've not heard of suchMar 23 08:40
schestowitzissues since. Peter offered to look into this in conjunction with updates (2 in 1 so to speak), but we lacked some details, such as explanatory image rather than some opaque winmail binary blob.Mar 23 08:40
schestowitzAt the moment I have access to the machines (test and production). However, the nature of the changes needed to be applied is far from clear to me, set aside ways of actually testing the change in a "real world" context. For that to happen we might need test "client sides" too.Mar 23 08:40
schestowitz"After a lot of back and forth with emails I believe that this is the WSkey for EZproxy"Mar 23 08:40
schestowitz"Mar 23 08:40
schestowitzThis was discussed several times over a year ago when xxxx tried to get me to do things I lack practice and experience with, whereupon I said it would be safer for an associate (xxxx) with relevant skillset to apply the changes and avert potential downtime.Mar 23 08:41
schestowitzTo summarise, while I do have access to the systems over VPN (I did some work to that effect earlier this month), most of what I can do towards resolving this ticket -- which is probably obsolete by now -- is 'beating the bushes', hoping for luck (might be OK on a test machine but not user-facing service at a time of pandemic when people work/study from home).Mar 23 08:41
schestowitzIf someone handed to me a list of steps to follow (not the testing, the actual task that implements the change), I can definitely follow that and even do it over and over again. The main issue is, my knowledge of EZproxy is absolute "none" and finding random pages on the World Wide Web is no substitute to actual experience.Mar 23 08:44
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schestowitz     <li>Mar 23 09:30
schestowitz                  <h5><a href="">Interview with curl creator and Swedish software developer Daniel Stenberg</a></h5>Mar 23 09:30
schestowitz                  <blockquote>Mar 23 09:30
schestowitz                    <p>Why did you choose an open-source model for curl? </p>Mar 23 09:30
schestowitz                    <p> There was never any alternative or doubt in my mind that it would be open source already when I first started working on the code in the projects that used other names before they would become curl. The term “open source” wasn’t coined until early 1998, just before the first curl release. Before that it was just… code.</p></blockquote></li>Mar 23 09:30
schestowitz                    <li>Mar 23 09:31
schestowitz                      <h5>[Old] <a href="">Community @ Mozilla: People First, Open Source Second</a></h5>Mar 23 09:31
schestowitz                      <blockquote>Mar 23 09:31
schestowitz                        <p>All this has led to a personal crisis of faith. Do openness and transparency inherently lead to bad outcomes? Should I continue to advocate for it in my position? As I mentioned above, the opportunity to work in the open with the community is the main thing that brought me to Mozilla— if I can’t find a way of incorporating this viewpoint into my work, what am I even doing here? </p>Mar 23 09:31
schestowitz                        <p> Trying to answer these questions, I went back to the manifesto that I just skimmed over in my early days. Besides openness — what are Mozilla’s values, really, and do I identify with them? Immediately I was struck by how much it felt like it was written explicitly for the present moment (even aside from the addendums which were added in 2018). Many points seem to confront problems we’re grappling withMar 23 09:31
schestowitznow which I was only beginning to perceive ten years ago.</p></blockquote></li>Mar 23 09:31
schestowitz 23 11:23
schestowitz"// i am back ,,  hhhh"Mar 23 11:23
schestowitz 23 11:23
schestowitz"Mar 23 11:23
schestowitzMS first invited him into a pro MS event and he went. 23 11:23
schestowitz When that was not enough to alienate the community, hit pieces were put into the media against him, using false claims and quotes cut and out of context: https://sterling-archermedes.github.ioMar 23 11:23
schestowitz"Mar 23 11:23
schestowitz 23 11:24
schestowitz"I'm sure the #Stallman Stans will be overjoyed by the return of their creepy Messiah, but this is a dissapointing move by the #FSF and the #OpenSource community is worse off for it"Mar 23 11:24
schestowitz 23 11:27
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TechBytesBotHello World! I'm TechBytesBot running phIRCe v0.75Mar 23 11:28
schestowitzx 23 12:10
-TechBytesBot/ | Microsoft, we need to have a talk | ComputerworldMar 23 12:10
schestowitz# also to mention proper desktop alternativesMar 23 12:10
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schestowitz> Hi Roy,Mar 23 17:25
schestowitz>Mar 23 17:25
schestowitz>Mar 23 17:25
schestowitz>Mar 23 17:25
schestowitz> I was not spamming you and this was the first time that I can see thatMar 23 17:25
schestowitz> I’ve ever reached out to you. If I’ve reached out to you on otherMar 23 17:25
schestowitz> occasions, I apologize.Mar 23 17:25
schestowitz>Mar 23 17:25
schestowitz>Mar 23 17:25
schestowitz>Mar 23 17:25
schestowitz> With that said, I’m happy to remove you from our list.Mar 23 17:25
schestowitz>Mar 23 17:25
schestowitz>Mar 23 17:25
schestowitz>Mar 23 17:25
schestowitz> Thanks,Mar 23 17:25
schestowitz>Mar 23 17:25
schestowitz> StephenMar 23 17:25
schestowitz[23:06] <xxx> SJWs are signing an open letter against RMSMar 23 23:09
schestowitz[23:06] <xxx> 23 23:09
-TechBytesBot/ | diziet | Signing the open letter about RMSMar 23 23:09
schestowitz[23:06] <xxx>  When the CSAIL list incident blew up I was horrified to read theMar 23 23:09
schestowitz[23:06] <xxx>     stories of RMS's victims.  We have collectively failed those peopleMar 23 23:09
schestowitz[23:06] <xxx>     and I am glad to see that many of us are working to make a betterMar 23 23:09
schestowitz[23:07] <xxx>     community.Mar 23 23:09
schestowitz[23:07] <xxx> (that's one signatory's message)Mar 23 23:09
schestowitz[23:07] <xxx> 23 23:09
-TechBytesBot/ | rms-open-letter.github.ioMar 23 23:09
schestowitz[23:07] <xxx> "He has shown himself to be misogynist, ableist, and transphobic, among other serious accusations of impropriety. "Mar 23 23:09
schestowitz[23:08] <xxx> wonder what the "ableist" is based onMar 23 23:09
schestowitz[23:08] <xxx> "transphobic" is easyMar 23 23:09
schestowitz[23:10] <xxxx> ah, it's about "In 2015 and 2016 RMS made three posts on his website about Down’s syndrome."Mar 23 23:19
schestowitz[23:10] <xxxx> idiot natalistsMar 23 23:19
schestowitz[23:11] <xxxx> but SJWs are not supposed to be natalistsMar 23 23:19
schestowitz[23:11] <schestowitz> they accuse of him "autism"Mar 23 23:19
schestowitz[23:11] <schestowitz> and now say he's against those peopleMar 23 23:19
schestowitz[23:11] <schestowitz> make up your minds, trollsMar 23 23:19

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